If you’re a new blogger shopping around for a web hosting company, you’ll probably be persuaded to go with Bluehost. And it is tempting. But the price difference is so minimal, save yourself a headache and go with SiteGround. #besthost #blogging #hosting

Why I Switched To SiteGround

You’re at the point of your blogging journey where you’re looking for the right hosting company.

But everyone is pointing you to Bluehost, GoDaddy or even Dreamhost.

I’ve been there! I went with Dreamhost, thinking I made the correct choice.

It wasn’t even the less expensive choice…


Way back when I was getting a whopping 30 pageviews a day, I got an email from Dreamhost stating that I had reached my memory limit. They also informed me that my viewers might not be seeing my website properly.

That was a big red flag for me. 30 page views a day and Dreamhost couldn’t handle it?!

They were nice enough to give me suggestions as to how to fix this problem on my end, while also encouraging me to upgrade my service to $30/Month. I wasn’t making enough off my blog to justify this upgrade.

I decided to implement the other suggestions they gave me and then emailed them asking if it helped my situation. They were sincere about my situation, didn’t answer my basic question and instead showed me a huge chunk of weird code, another red flag…

With these red flags in mind, I started to research for an alternative hosting company.

I was dreading the hosting move. I didn’t want my site to be down and I was worried I would screw it up somehow while making the transfer.

SiteGround came highly recommended by Top Bloggers who used to be with GoDaddy, BlueHost, Dreamhost and all those low end hosting companies.

If you’re in a similar situation as I was, where you NEED to change hosting. Great news! SiteGround will transfer your website for you! No joke! It was such a breeze to work with them. I had some questions about upgrading my plan when my page views would go up and they instantly answered me. I’m very pleased!

And if you’re a new blogger looking for a web host, below are the reasons why I highly recommend SiteGround as your first hosting company.

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What Convinced ME To Sign up With SiteGround

Dreamhost wasn’t cutting it anymore. Unreliable for people who have traffic coming to their websites.

1. Top Notch Customer Service

First of all, they have a live chat that someone instantly starts chatting with you and take care of your concerns. I’ve never had to wait for answers, compared to my previous host, Dreamhost, where it took several days in order to hear back from them by email.

2. Outstanding Uptime and Speed

SiteGround has outstanding uptime, 99.99% they’re up. So that means you know your website will be up and you won’t need to worry about it being down.

Also, their speed is great, it takes less than a second for my website to load and that second is crucial to you. When your viewer clicks on your link, you want your website to load as quickly as possible or you’ll risk the chance of she/he leaving and going somewhere else.

3. 24/7 Support, Free Domain and Free SSL Certificate

They’ll migrate your website over from your old host and you won’t even need to worry, they do all the heavy lifting for you. They did for me, I was very grateful!

If you’re starting out your blog, you’ll receive a Free Domain! When starting out, it’s nice to have the freebies when they’re available to you.

And as well, they offer Free SSL Certificate. If you plan on monetizing your blog with Amazon, this is one of their requirements and SiteGround is offering it to you for FREE!

4. Competitive Price

SiteGround currently has a 60% sale going for your first purchase. If you know you’re going to create a WordPress Website, I would go with the WordPress StartUp Plan.

If you’re a new blogger shopping around, you’ll probably be persuaded to go with Bluehost. And it is tempting. They are the cheapest out there $2.95/Month. But by going with SiteGround, which is a tad more expensive, you can start with the $3.95/Month plan. You won’t have to worry about transferring soon after you’ve set up your blog. And compared to $7.95/Month for Dreamhost which I can tell you can’t support 30 pageviews a day… It’s definitely not worth going with Dreamhost.

As a result of my situation and my research, I’ve now transferred everything to SiteGround. I’ll be good with them until I hit 25 000 page views a month. Which by that time, I’ll be able to upgrade to their next level hosting until I hit 100 000 a month. And by that time, I’ll be earning a full-time income with my blog and will be able to afford appropriate hosting when the time comes.

If you’re looking at starting a blog for the first time, save yourself a headache or two and just go with SiteGround. I highly recommend SiteGround and many others do as well!

And if you’re shopping around to switch web host. SiteGround does the migration for you!

Let me know in the comments if you have questions or if you believe another host is better than SiteGround and why.

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If you’re a new blogger shopping around for the best web hosting company, you’ll probably be persuaded to go with Bluehost. And it is tempting. But if you’re planning on starting a business with your blog, SiteGround is the way to go for beginners. #besthost #blogging #hosting
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