Start Getting Cash Back with Ebates – Plus Receive a FREE $10 Welcome Bonus


Do you shop online?

Do you get Cash Back for doing it?

If you answered YES and then NO, well my friend, you’re doing it wrong.

I’ve been online shopping for over 14 years and I really enjoy the convenience of shopping online. No big crowds of people and no need to go outside and drive to a store, I swear drivers are getting worse every year. 😫

When I realized you can save extra money with online shopping, I jumped at the situation. Plus I got my first $10 from Ebates with my first purchase through them!

I’m really excited to tell you all about Ebates. I saved OVER $200 last year alone. The best part of all this is that it’s FREE. And It’s virtually effortless.

Extra money like that can definitely help with those bills and debt. Every little bit counts.

Click here to sign up for Ebates. When you spend $25 online, you’ll receive a $10 cash welcome bonus!

Below you’ll find all about Ebates and why I think it’s the bee’s knees.

It’s time for you to start getting cashback for shopping online. Ebates is an online Cash Back website that gives you a percentage of your purchases back to you. Online stores pay Ebates to promote for them and in return. #savingmoney #frugalhabits #frugalinme

What is Ebates?

Ebates is an online Cash Back website that gives you a percentage of your purchases back to you. Online stores pay Ebates to promote for them and in return, Ebates passes on some of the saving back to us. If you ask me, it’s pretty sweet! Especially if I’m already planning on shopping online, to begin with.

Every store is different in terms of percentage that they give to you. In order to figure out how much cashback percentage you’ll receive, simply go on Ebates and search the store you’re about to purchase from and it will let you know how much you’ll be getting back.

What makes Ebates so great?

It’s cash back. You don’t have to pre-select and hunt for coupons on here. You simply just go through their website, click on the store you’re going to shop at and the Cash Back is activated.

It’s not you, it’s me.

It’s not that I don’t like Ebates, it’s me. I forget to activate through their website sometimes…ok a lot of times. 🤦‍♀️ The struggle is real.

The fact that you have to remember to go to their site and click through to the website that you want to shop at. I mostly use my phone to shop online and I’ve forgotten numerous times to go to Ebates first. I have even gone as far as to cancel my order and resubmitted my order…I’ve done this over 3 times.

Is Ebates a scam?

You don’t need to worry, it’s definitely not a scam. Retailers are always trying to get you to buy from them. And this is just one of the many tactics that they use.

It’s like couponing, but less work. Actually, there’s no real work from you. You just need to remember to go on their website first. Which is my kind of way to save money! The less time and work I have to do to save money, the better. 

I’ve been using this website for over a year now and I’ve received over $250 since I’ve started to use it. 

Is it worth your time?

YES! You don’t need to pay for this service. It’s free and pays you to shop online.

Make sure to click here and use my link to activate the FREE $10 welcome bonus from Ebates!

I hope this review has cleared any doubts you had and if you have more questions let me know!

Do you use other Cash Back websites? Let me know in the Comments below.

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