3 Ways to Help Build Your Emergency Fund for Unexpected Expenses

Make sure to build your emergency fund. Unexpected emergency expenses do happen to us all and it’s good to be prepared for these situations that may occur at any time.

First of all, there is no set amount to have for your emergency fund, 1000$ is a good goal to achieve. After you’ve reached that amount you can be less aggressive but still build up to 3-6 months of salary for the potential layoff or even personal accident situation.

Just this year, our dog Valeria went ill. The veterinarian couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her with simply just x-rays. She needed surgery to see what was making her so sick. We just wanted her fixed. The vet bill was a bit over 1000$ but we had already over that amount in our emergency fund. We had no stress paying this expense, just stress of getting our little one healthy.

No one wants to be in those situations and it doesn’t mean you will be but if you do end up there then you’ll be prepared!

How to gather money for your emergency fund:

1. Put it in your budget

It’s easy to have a plan when you create a budget, an outline of where your money will go. Figure out how you can wiggle this expense in your budget.

If there’s not a lot going towards your Emergency Fund, then look at your spending habits. Or even cut back on some of your entertainment money (I take out 20$ a week but before my emergency fund was where I wanted it to be, I took out 20$ every two weeks until it was built).

2. Sell your stuff

You’ll be surprised at how much stuff you don’t use that other people would buy. We’re actually doing another round of selling stuff we don’t use anymore. we figure if it’s been 3+ years and we haven’t touched the item, then we don’t need it. You can sell your stuff through Kijiji, eBay or even keep it in your Facebook friends circle to start. Take a photo of your items and list them and price them. Another option would be to do a garage sale.

3. Get an extra job

Lastly, having a side hustle is natural these days. You can start a blog like I did, or do local jobs like raking leaves, babysitting, cleaning houses. A good place to look for local jobs would be Facebook Groups, just search for your town groups. You’ll surely find a group that supports local businesses.

Being prepared for the unexpected will take a lot of stress off your shoulders knowing you have the funds to deal with an emergency situation.

Let me know in the comments how you’re building your emergency fund!

Make sure to build your emergency fund. Unexpected emergency expenses happen to everyone and it’s good to be prepared for these situations. #savingmoney #emergencyfunds #diy
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