Frugal living made effortless with these 8 beyond easy to follow budgeting tips for beginners. If saving money and becoming debt free are your goals, then you're in the right place! #savingmoney #frugalliving #forbeginners #debtfree

8 Easy To Follow Budgeting Tips

You like the idea that a budget can keep you in check.

Save your money and pay off your debt.

But you don’t know if you’ll be able to follow your budget.

I get it, I’ve been there. I’ve been on a budget for over 6 months now and now 2018 is on track for me and can be for you too.

I’m here to help you follow your budget and stick it.

Below are some awesome tips that I follow that I highly suggest you follow in the new year.

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Tip 1 Make Your Budget And Follow It

Sounds pretty simple, am I right? Yes, it is, once you start budgeting you just need to glance at it when your paycheck comes in and you need to allocate where all your money goes. Writing it down makes it real and not just an idea.

There are a couple ways for you to create a budget:

  1. Write it down on a Budget Outline in this How to Budget post. This what I use, it’s simple and easy to follow.
  2. Grab yourself a free budget excel spreadsheet. I’m not a fan of spreadsheets, but I know some swear by it.
  3. Join a website that links up your bank account and bills so that you may monitor everything live. I’ve tried this and again it isn’t for me, but might be for you!

Regardless which method you pick, as long as you pick one and you stick with it, you’ll start to see your spending go down, your savings go up and your debt disappear.

Follow the budget.

Tip 2 Separate Bank Accounts

Separate bank accounts will make budgeting easier. I have about six, I’d have more if my bank would let me. When I get paid, the money automatically goes into the correct bank account: yearly expenses, dog food/vet, vacation/gifts, etc. You can find a more in-depth post I wrote here: 5 Key Bank Accounts To Open Right Now

Tip 3 Pack a Lunch

Cook from scratch. Prepared meals, take away, and dining out will cost you far more than you will ever realize even if you think you’re dining out at a cost-effective place.

Meal planning and grocery shopping are key to staying on track of your budget. If you plan your money then you won’t have the urge to go out every day.

Tip 4 Communication

Communicate with your other half of your budget. It’s important that you’re both in the loop on this. If he/she is spending money that you’ve already allocated, then your budget can derail quite quickly.

I have a separate bank account from my boyfriend but he gives me grocery money every week for us to use the budget I’ve created.

Tip 5 Cash

Use cash as much as possible. Seriously, it’s so much harder to spend cash.

And with cash, you can have a envelop system that will guide your weekly spending.

I have my envelopes filled every two weeks:

  • Food
  • Entertainment
  • Laundry (we have a coin machine in our apartment)
  • Extra

Tip 6 Wants vs Needs

This one is pretty important to get your mindset. Don’t spend money on things you don’t need. The need is more important than the want, but don’t forget about the want, it’s also important for you to splurge a little when it’s budgeted.

I give myself 20$ a week for date nights, stuff I want and try to save my 20$ for bigger products or events that I want to have or do.

Before you go and impulse buy, think, is this a want or a need?

I also ask myself how long did I have to work for this money? Just for me to buy something that’s a want and not a need. That usually changes my mind.

Keep your needs and wants separate! And be honest about which is which.

Tip 7 Leave the wallet at home

If you’re going somewhere and you’re not planning on spending any money, don’t bring your wallet. I stopped bringing my wallet to work and I just bring my driver’s license and work pass.

Now, when coworkers ask me if I want to join them to go out to lunch, I simply say no thank you, I left my money at home. Less pressure, more control over the situation. I use to bring a lunch and just cave when someone at work would ask the group for an out of lunch adventure.

Window shop with your wallet at home. What you remember, you can buy if your budget allows.

Tip 8 Grocery & Hunger Don’t Mix

Never go to the grocery store when you’re hungry. You tend to buy more food when you’re hungry which means you can go over your budget.

Plan your groceries and meals and create your weekly grocery list and stick with it! If there’s money left over then keep it for the rest of the week in case you forgot something.

If at the end of the week we still have leftover money, we tend to treat ourselves to either a dinner out or a dessert for the weekend, depending on how much we had leftover.

It can be hard at the start when you’re settling into your new budget. If you keep at it, you’ll start to see results in your financial goals. With these simple, easy to follow tips, I can assure you you’ll see those results sooner than later. Just to recap:

  1. Create your budget. On Paper, a spreadsheet or an online service.
  2. Have separate bank accounts to allocate to different financial categories.
  3. Packing a lunch can save you so much money and keep you on track while budgeting.
  4. Make sure your other half is aware of what you’re trying to achieve.
  5. Use cash as much as possible.
  6. Weight the wants versus needs.
  7. When you’re not planning on buying anything, leave your wallet at home.
  8. Don’t do your groceries while hungry, you’ll be grabbing everything that’s not on your grocery list.

Let me know below if you use other tips and if you follow any of these!

Frugal living made effortless with these 8 beyond easy to follow budgeting tips for beginners. If saving money and becoming debt free are your goals, then you're in the right place! #savingmoney #frugalliving #forbeginners #debtfree
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