30 Date activity Ideas Every Couple Should Experience

30 Date Activity Ideas Every Couple Should Experience

Want to do something with your boyfriend or girlfriend this weekend? Don’t know what to do?! Then here are some date ideas on what to do to keep that spark going.

There’s plenty of different activities you can do as a couple and it doesn’t always have to be going to the restaurant and then calling it a night, sure that’s always nice but sometimes you should do more and or something completely different. I want you as a couple to make sure you make time for yourselves in order to keep things fresh in your relationship.

Below you’ll find my Top 30 Date Ideas for you to try and enjoy together:

1. Grab a blanket and go stargazing.

2. Fly kites together.

3. Play catch.

4. Feed the ducks this was a third date for me and my boyfriend, I simply adored this one!

5. Go camping for the weekend.

6. Keep the wallets at home and go window shopping, even go to that hobby shop he enjoys.

7. Watch the sunset, in our case watch the sunrise since we go to bed so early!

8. Coffee date, yes please! Both bring a book and read your books for a bit, it’s nice to be in one another company while still having quiet time.

9. Try a board game café.

10. Or even a video game café.

11. Play some:

  1. Pool
  2. Mini Golf (I’m a pro at this one!)
  3. Bowling (I’m the absolute worst at this one!)

12. Go to a local festival or fair.

13. Attend a sports game. (I don’t know about you but I prefer a live game then watching it on TV) Have you ever been to a soccer game? They’re hilarious! Everyone on the field are fiercely yelling at each other and you can point out certain lively characters that make the whole live experience way more entertaining.

14. If it’s a rainy day, go to a museum.

15. Get that dusty video game console and play some Mario Go Kart or other multiplayer game. And popcorn and M&Ms bowl into the mix!

16. Escape Rooms. (a little pricy and maybe more of a group date event)

17. Have your own patio pub afternoon on your balcony or porch:

  1. Plate of nachos
  2. Beer/Cooler
  3. Some 90s music

18. Berry Picking, nothing beats sneaking a couple strawberries while picking them!

19. Research your local community for a tree planting day, it would be hard work but doing it together will be rewarding.

20. Take an afternoon and go to a local Farmer’s Market.

21. Try a new outdoor activity together:

  1. Biking
  2. Playing a round of golf
  3. Hiking
  4. Kayaking or Canoeing
  5. Rollerblade
  6. Frisbee

22. Have a picnic.

23. Rent a horrible horror movie.

24. Attend a local trivia night, they’re quite fun!

25. Go to an arcade.

26. Volunteer to walk a dog.

27. Go for a walk!

  1. In a park that’s is close by
  2. In a park that you’ve never been to
  3. Your neighbourhood
  4. Drive to another neighbourhood
  5. Go downtown
  6. Let’s say you want to do a 2 hour walk, then bus to a 2 hour mark and walk back home!

28. Make yourselves a fabulous charcuterie board and a bottle of wine and enjoy an afternoon and evening just catching up on your favourite TV shows.

29. Have a beach day, play some volleyball.

30. Make a sandwich cook off, both create a sandwich and split the two sandwiches. Last time we did this, hands down my boyfriend won.

I hope I’ve inspired you to try new or even old date ideas that you have or haven’t thought of. In short, there’s plenty to do together, you just need to plan, commit and you’ll have a swell time with each other!

What is your favourite date memory that you have?

30 Date Ideas To Try Right Now
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