How to Get Free Stuff Online – The Best Online Freebies List


If you’re looking for free stuff online, then you’ve come to the right place!

Getting online freebies can give you a warm delightful feeling inside. And who wouldn’t want that feeling of fulfillment when you didn’t have to work for something. I LOVE free things!

It gives us a break from working on our money journey. Whether you’re on a spending freeze, working hard on getting rid of your debt, to even just being on a tight budget. Free stuff is like receiving an unexpected letter in the mail, even though you’re the one who requested the item.

Especially when there’s no huge survey to fill out.

You’ll have to sign up to companies with your email. These, unfortunately, can get a bit spammy. So just create a ‘Freebies’ Folder and redirect those emails there. This way it won’t clutter your main inbox.

How To Get Free Stuff Online

Below is the BEST list of freebies you should consider if you’re looking for some free cool stuff. Just keep in mind that companies might change their offers and I try to update them as I notice. But if I don’t, please let me know in the comments and I’ll fix the description.

I know most of my readers are from the United States but I can’t forget about fellow Canadians. I’ve just placed a small indicator if the offer is for the USA only. This way you don’t have to click and find out that you aren’t eligible for the offer, clever, eh? 😉 🍁

Free Stuff Mailed To You

Here are a couple companies that give out free stuff online without surveys:

Blue bottle’s Coffee – USA
Grab yourself a free coffee bag.

Kind Granola Bar
This one is more of a ‘pay it forward’ so you can give a kind bar to someone awesome.

Free Samples Websites

These websites work with companies to bring you absolutely free stuff with no gimmicks. They simply ask you to sign up and then they’ll keep you in the loop with the new offers they receive. These are my top 10 free stuff sites that I believe are noteworthy:

I highly recommend creating a email folder just for these websites, or even better, a seperate email account.

Freebie Frenzy
There’s no limit in the number of free samples you get unless noted by a specific company offering the free sample.

Woman Freebies -USA
Don’t let the 90’s website style bother you. If you’re a lady, here’s free stuff online by mail you should sign up for. You’ll find here, free makeup trials, free beauty trial, baby product samples to even animal product samples.

Free stuff
Their five most recently posted freebies can be found at the very top of the page in the ‘Featured Freebies’ box.

Sample a day
Nick and Scott are pretty cool, they do everything in their powers to find companies who do not share information with third parties and who do not SPAM.

I love free things
Easy to use directory of free samples and other free offers so you can connect with products you’re interested in trying.

Sweet free stuff
Updated every single day with a fresh batch of freebies, coupons and deals.

The free stuff never ends! For up to date freebies, check our free sample page frequently for new free stuff.

You’ll find new freebies every day and some offers will be available for one day only, so visit their website daily if you don’t want to miss anything.

Freaky Freddies
New free stuff and samples added daily!

Just Free Stuff – USA
James gathers free stuff online, samples and contests for you! He has quite the following of over 100k email subscribers.

Surveys, Watch Videos, Play Games and EARN CASH

Earn Points by shopping online, watching entertaining videos, searching the web, answering surveys, and find great deals. When you have enough points, you can redeem them to get free gift cards!

SendEarnings – USA
SendEarnings is a lot like Swagbucks. Watch videos, take surveys, shop online and get cash in return.

DailyRewards – CAN
The Canadian version of Sendearnings. Take surveys, play video games, get deals and get cash in return.

Free Stuff Online From Other People

A website sectioned off into local groups that you can either request something that you’re looking for. Or acquire free stuff that other people don’t want anymore.

Local Facebook Groups
Like Freecycle, you can find Facebook Groups in your local neighborhood that provides the same benefit of getting free stuff that your neighbors don’t want anymore.

I have a friend who got a free washer/dryer with his Local Facebook Group. The washer was broken but it only needed a $10 part and now he and his wife now have an almost brand new washer/dryer.

Another website to check for free stuff that people don’t want anymore.

Kijiji – CAN
And yet another option to get free stuff. Even though we didn’t get our Chihuahuas for free, this is where I looked and found a reputable breeder.

Product Test and Review

Get VoxBoxes from these guys. A VoxBox is a box of free, often full-size products that Influenster delivers directly to you for testing purposes.

Vocal point – USA
You’ll get opportunities to host play dates for the kids. Host fun nights with brands that want to see how their product fair while having a group over. And you’ll have all sorts of other new products to try and talk about based on your own firsthand real life experiences.

McCormick – USA 
They’ll send you products to review. They’re interested in what you think of the products they’ve sent you.

General Mills – USA
Same as McCormick, they want your opinion on the food they’re about to launch.

Johnson & Johnson – USA
The whole household can participate here, they have products they need people to test of all ages and want your reviews.

Referral programs

The companies below will give you either money or store credit if you refer your friends and family.

Free $10 for you to spend at ThredUP when you use my link. And you’ll get $10 credit for every friend or family member you refer. Who doesn’t want free money for clothes?

Ebates – USA
Free $10 for you when you use my link. And you’ll get $25 for every friend or family member you refer. This can up quite quickly!

Ebates – CAN
$5 for every friend or family member you refer.

Head over to my post about how you can earn cash back using Ebates with your online shopping.

Birthday Freebies – No Purchase Nessacery

Saving the best for last! These just require you to sign up to their mailing list.

Denny’s – Free Grand Slam Breakfast
Perkin’s – Free Breakfast
IHOP – Free Breakfast – USA
Starbucks – Free Drink
Dunkin Donuts – Free Cup of Coffee
David’s Tea – Free Cup of Tea
Harvey’s – Free Burger and Frings! – CAN

Why Do Companies Give Free Samples?

It’s a marketing tactic, plain and simple. It’s easier for a company to persuade someone to buy their product if the person knows what they’re getting by trying a smaller version for free.

Another reason would be to product test and review what you’ve received. New products need a good reputation if they want to look good in the eye of a new buyer. And I don’t know about you, but when I purchase something on Amazon, for example, I go straight to the reviews and see if the product I want is reputable.

When Will I get my Free Samples?

Expect to wait a while for your samples. They are free after all. Companies need to send you these products as cost-effective as possible in order to save on costs on their ends. Be patient, and in several weeks, months, you’ll have a nice surprise waiting for you!

I hope this list has inspired you to sign up for free stuff online. It’s pretty easy to get setup with samples and even sometimes full sized products.

Companies are ready to give you products for you to try, love and give your honest review of the products they send you.

Make sure to bookmark this page, I’ll be updating it periodically!

If you have any other sources that you use, let me know in the comments and I’ll add them to the ever-growing list.

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