Ultimate Veggie Burrito, Vegan Buddha Bowl and Portobello Fajitas

5 Crazy Easy Meatless Go-To Dinner Ideas

There are those days where you just don’t know what to cook for dinner and you don’t feel like going on Pinterest and researching. I honestly feel the same way sometimes and I have my go-to meals I go back to time and time again! They’re easy, tasty (my boyfriend goes for seconds all the time with these) and they’re all meatless (which you can easily make them vegan by omitting the dairy).

Check out my 5 go-to meals and let me know what you think!

1. Italian Wonderpot (One Pot Pasta)

Italian Wonderpot - Budget Bytes

This Wonderpot has saved me multiple times, it’s so easy to make, it’s all done in one pot and it’s great for leftovers! Beth has many other recipes that I’ve tried and loved. If I don’t know what to make other than my go-to, I’ll often start on her page for dinner and lunch ideas.

Source: Budget Bytes

2. Portobello Fajitas

Portobello Fajitas

This recipe is so easy to make and it’s bursting with flavour. I make this on weekends when we just want to have a fajita night. The portobello makes for a nice meat substitute with the chewiness of the mushroom. Kaitlin made this recipe easy to follow and allows to add or take out what you want.

Source: The Garden Grazer

3. The Ultimate Veggie Burrito

The Ultimate Burrito

Craving Mucho Burrito?! This is the next best thing, make at home burrito. I make this recipe for long weekdays, I pre-make the rice & potatoes, keep a can of black beans in the fridge and prep the peppers. When I get home, I cut fresh onions, combine all in a pan and fry it for a couple minutes and assemble this bad boy. Lastly, I pan fry two sides until the burrito is a little browned.

Source: The Crowded Table

4. Spanish Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

Spanish Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

These are perfect for dinner and make for fantastic lunches for the next couple days! I even bought the Minimalist Baker’s Cookbook which I love, the fact that there are limited ingredients for their recipes, makes it easy and low cost.

Minimilist Baker's - Cookbook

Source: Minimalist Baker

Spanish Quinoa Stuffed Peppers for Lunch

5. Vegan Buddha Bowl

Vegan Buddha Bowl

This Vegan Buddha Bowl has recently been added to my go-to meals. I wanted to try these impressive looking Buddha Bowls and thought this one had eye candy all over it. I was a little worried that my boyfriend wouldn’t like it since it looks super duper healthy, but he just raved about how damn good this meal was.

Source: well and full

There you have it, my 5 go-to meals that I love and go back to again and again. It’s great to try new things but sometimes those recipes that are easy, extremely tasty, to the point your boyfriend or girlfriend will go back for seconds, makes it convenient to plan into your week.

What’s your favourite go-to meal? I would love to know in the comments below.

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