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8 Easy To Follow Budgeting Tips

8 Easy To Follow Budgeting Tips You like the idea that a budget can keep you in check. Save your money and pay off your debt. But you don’t know if you’ll be [...]

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Minimalist Stocking Stuffers

Minimalist Stocking Stuffers Christmas is fast approaching and everyone loves getting little stocking stuffers in their stocking, even a minimalist. Usually, most will find little knick-knacks that are cute and hopefully useful. You [...]

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How To Budget

How to create a simple budget and stick with it! If you're lazy like me, you'll want this simple easy to use the budget outline provided below. No need to keep track of [...]

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How To Blog

How To Blog For Beginners Let’s face it, you want to start a blog, but you’re not computer savvy. That’s ok, it’s pretty easy these days, we don’t all have to know advanced [...]

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4 Ways to Save Your Raise

4 Ways to Save Your Raise You got a raise, it might be a lot of money or it might be a small bump. What to do with this new money that will be [...]

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